A Rated House

The new building regulations require that all new houses are A-Rated. This is no easy task and needs to be carefully designed to make sure that the house meets Part L of the building regulations. Many designers meet the regulations by over specifying insulation, heating systems and expensive renewable technologies.

At Passive house solutions we work out what is the most cost effective way to meet the building regulations while delivering the most energy efficient house that it is possible to build on the client’s budget. It is critical that this is done at the design stage to check that the architects design meets the regulations and the correct specification can be given to the builder. If this is done at the end of the job, the house may not comply with the building regulations and the client is left with a serious problem as the Architect will not sign off on the works. This means that clients will not be able to draw down the final stage payments on their mortgages and may have difficulty selling the house in the future.