About Us

LogoJOT Energy Consultants was established by Jeff O Toole in 2010 as a result of the obvious need for independent Energy Consultants in Ireland. Having spent 5 Years during the building boom as a Construction Site Manager, it was obvious that program was priority and Energy Performance and Conservation was not. He quickly realised that a quality project does not come down to how quickly it can be built, more so how well the building functions and how energy efficient it can be within the constraints of the budget and the time frame.

Following a Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering PHS developed a keen interest in the Passive House Standard and energy efficient design principles. Recognising the need for training and informing people about the possibilities when building he developed a professional development course in WIT to introduce designers, builders and self builders to low energy design principles. Having completed the course PHS were contracted in to project manage Warm and Efficient Living, one of Irelands leading retrofit companies where he gained wealth of knowledge about Retrofitting, external insulation systems, passive house design and Building Energy Ratings.

After successfully completing over 200 retrofit projects and 5 Passive House Projects he branched out further in to the low energy design sector and now also specialises in Air Tightness Testing and Commercial BER Assessments .