12 Weeks to Passive House

This project started out as a renovation project but when we looked at what would be required in order to make it air tight and cold bridge free we started to consider knocking the existing house and building from scratch. The time constraints also played a big part in deciding to start from new and build a Passive House using Insulated Concrete Formwork, with Mechanical Ventilation, Air-Tightness and super-insulation. The project started in the first week in February and was completed in 10 weeks. The main heating system is a 4.5 kW Stove. This is backed up with one Electric Storage heater just to give some back ground heating to the house on the very cold days with no sunshine.Follow the progress on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Passive-House-Solutions/188510761175452

The client has been in the house for 5 weeks now and cannot believe the comfort in the house. Coming from an old standard house she says:

before I used to be looking for reasons to get out of the house, now I don’t want to leave