3D Modelling

3D Models are a great way give to give a client an appreciation of how the final job is going to look… read more

Passive House Design

Passive House design aims to reduce a building’s energy requirments as much as possible… read more

Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing is used to identify the areas that cause the drafts that blow over your shoulder when sitting by the fire. These drafts contribute considerably to heat loss in your home and therefore increase your heating cost and reduce your comfort… read more

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is used to illustrate where heat is being lost from your home. Thermal imaging is used to compliment an air tightness test… read more

Sound Testing

JOT Energy Consultants carry out Acoustic Testing in compliance with TGD Part E 2014. From the 1st of June 2015 all residential developments must apply acoustic testing sampling in compliance with Technical Guidance Document Part E. JOT Energy Consultants provide Independent Acoustic Testing and Reporting in compliance with TGD Part E. Read more

Project Management

Many people are now undertaking direct labour projects without realising the headaches and stress they are bringing on themselves. A lot of the projects being carried out now are extension and renovation jobs where people try to maintain their normal routine while managing a building site. Read more

Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

From the 9th January 2013 publicly and privately owned buildings over 500m2, frequently visited by the public, are required to exhibit a DEC, in a prominent place, clearly visible to the public. Read More