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Expert Energy Consultancy

Under building regulations, all new builds must have systems designed and commissioned to provide adequate and effective means of ventilation. JOT Energy carry out the works and supply all documentation and advice relating to this extremely complex area of building legislation.

Building Energy Consultants

What does an energy consultant do?

How we build, heat, run, use and manage our buildings is changing at an alarming pace and trying to keep up can become overwhelming. We have so many decisions to make when deciding to take on a building project, and most prioritise having something comfortable that doesn’t cost a fortune to run. A good energy consultant will advise on the most cost-effective building solution that meets the energy performance targets set out in the Building Regulations without compromising on quality.


How do I know what the best building system is?

There is no “one size, fits all” building system solution! All systems have their pros and cons, and the best approach for one person may not be ideal for another. A good energy consultant will identify what is important to you and devise the best solution around your demands. Some important criteria people consider are:
Cost, efficiency, speed of construction, user-friendliness, fuel preference, location, thermal mass, wall type, insulation type, occupancy, temperature, living habits, ventilation, type of windows, type of heating, water efficiency, renewable energy, environmental impact etc.
These are all important considerations when deciding on suitable building systems. At JOT Energy, we can devise the appropriate building system for you!


Why is my electricity use so high?

High electricity costs can be associated with washing machines, dryers, electric showers, electric heating, heat pumps, circulation pumps and many other things. An energy consultant can set up a monitoring system on your house to assess what is using the most energy and how savings can be made.


What can be done to reduce my energy bills?

Ensure nothing is left turned on when not being used. Get a smart meter installed and ensure you run dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and water heating at night with a time-of-use tariff. Change all the lights to low-energy lights. Get a home energy assessment done.