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Ventilation Verification

Under building regulations, all new builds must have systems designed and commissioned to provide adequate and effective means of ventilation. JOT Energy carry out the works and supply all documentation and advice relating to this extremely complex area of building legislation.

Ventilation Verification

What is independent ventilation verification?

Independent Ventilation Verification is required on all new dwellings to ensure the building is adequately ventilated. An independent ventilation validator will check that you have enough fresh air vents in the house. They will check that your extractor fans are sized correctly, and if you have a Mechanical Ventilation System with Heat Recovery (MVHR), it is commissioned correctly and installed correctly.


Why would I get my ventilation system independently verified?

Under TGD F 2019 of the Building Regulations, ventilation in all new dwellings needs to be independently assessed and verified. This applies to all-natural and mechanically ventilated dwellings.


How do I know if I have poor ventilation?

Dwellings with condensation around windows, mould in the corners of bedrooms, and a damp, stuffy feel often have ventilation issues. If you live in a new dwelling with MVHR and the air is dehydrated, or you have similar problems to the previously mentioned, the chances are you have a ventilation problem.


What can be done to ensure I have adequate ventilation?

Ask to see the independent ventilation verification cert if it’s a new house or apartment. Ensure all vents are open and permeable. Do not block vents. Open the windows every morning to purge the house with fresh air. Avoid drying clothes inside if possible. If this is not possible, ensure the space is well ventilated by opening windows or installing a mechanical extract fan. Ensure all bathrooms and shower rooms have working extract fans.